Why Brussels?

The matter is probably in genius loci. This is an honorable, original city which goes down the history of the continent and at the same time represents the classics of the European modern times.

Brussels’s air is impregnated with the smell of excellent chocolate, refined cheese and first-class beer, and show-windows are decorated with marvelous lace which is spun masterly by local skilled workers. The city seduces by its nobility of shape and sedateness of life. The presence at the Belgian capital of the headquarters of the European Union and NATO added automatically to its personal advantages the special international status of "the capital of Europe". All this together makes Brussels a pleasant place for new acquaintances and openings, an optimum platform for projects of tomorrow.


  • Bruxelles
  • European Parliament
    Bât. Altiero Spinelli
    60 rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60